Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Week 6


Wednesday, In Class


  • Fan page – Pick one direction refine and move forward with. Write a revised description about what you’re highlighting about the person/object/thing and the focus of your project. Remember, it should be more of a story than a topic. This should only be a couple sentences. Next, move on to the site content and wireframe – think through your site content and start mapping out the hierarchy. This doesn’t need to be too prescriptive, but should highlight the different content types your website will have (images, photos, audio) and should start to use realistic copy. Finally, move on to the design and flesh out the rest of the website. Please include 3 variations of the homepage, and one option for any additional pages. We’ll have one more pass at the design before we move on to programming.
  • Reading presentation. Benjamin will present on A Handmade Web – J.R. Carpenter and the rest of us will write a reading response.

Monday, In Class

  • Zoom link
  • Guest presenter, Michelle Lopez
  • Today’s Notes
  • Look at Coding from Life activity
  • Read project description and talk about design process
  • Figma intro


  • Fan page – Move forward with one of your ideas and design three distinct visual directions for the homepage. Each direction should include: a title, short written memo about the idea, visual research/moodboard, and a quick sketch of the homepage (can be gestural, but should be to scale).