Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Fan Page


Fan pages were hallmarks of the early net. They represented a casual and spontaneous quality where users created ultra stylized environments to celebrate their interests. For this activity, I’d like you to create a fan page for someone or something you deem deserving of the honor. Consider what qualities of the person/object are most visual and descriptive. Embrace the person/object and design a website that fully embodies their spirit. All assets on the site must be made by you (however, editing or collaging found assets in a meaningful way is OK).

The website should be contained to a single page, but you can think about what kinds of content (text, images, videos, animation) tell the clearest story. While we’re looking to the past for this project conceptually, the design of the website should feel like it is from 2020 and designed with a contemporary design sensibility.


  • Single page website
  • HTML & CSS
  • Hosted on GitHub pages

Learning Goals

  • Develop mixed media content that supports your idea
  • Develop a visual tone of voice for the website that touches on writing as well as the visual design
  • Project development from sketch to programming
  • Experiment with HTML & CSS

Suggested Reading

Due Date