Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Final Project


For our final assessment, let’s put everything we’ve learned together and create a student homepage that houses all of the work we’ve done.

You should develop a custom visual language for the site experience that feels representational to yourself and to the work that you developed.

The only requirement is that it should be responsive (work when you resize the browser) and contain working links to all of the activities and projects we’ve done (a master list will be provided).

There is not one solution for this project, and I expect everyone’s homepage to feel distinct. Consider what you learned from this course and any commonalities between your projects – this could be an opportunity for developing a custom hierarchy and organizational structure to your website.

We will not have any official check ins for this project, so it’s also an opportunity to think independently and present your best shot.

Questions to Consider

  • How do you present your work? Thumbnails? Typography? Combination of text and language?
  • Are case studies important?
  • How can you distinguish between exercises and projects? Is the process of each project important, or do you just want to highlight the end result?
  • What did you take away from this class? What kind of information would best represent this if you looked back on it in a few years?
  • How would you like to remember this course?
  • Were there any commonalities between your projects? If so, you might want to highlight this.

Due date