Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Hello World


“Hello World” is frequently the first phrase used when learning a new programming language. When programmers see this word on a screen, it means that their code worked, indicating a success. As an introduction to our class, create a gif that will serve as your “hello world.” What is the first feature you’d like to share about yourself with our group? Craft a short, visual depiction about yourself in form of an animated gif and upload it to our shared


  • Your animation does not need to include the words “Hello World” but it can if you’d like.
  • Consider what message you’d like to share with the class and explore different ways of visualizing that. You could try something typographic, photographic, collage…
  • While I’d like the gif to reflect something about yourself, it does not need to be overtly autobiographical. Your design decisions say a lot about yourself.


  • 600 x 600 px
  • Looping animation
  • gif format
  • < 3mb

Learning Goals

  • To communicate a message through a single, animated image
  • To develop abstracted thinking
  • To think through animation as a multi layered, multi frame composition

Suggested Reading

Due Date

  • 09/09
  • Gif must be uploaded to this channel before the start of class.