Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

2020 Series


This past year has been chaotic for everyone. Think through how you might remember this past year and how you might communicate it to people in the future. Develop a set of 10 images that function as a series – while they’re all different images, they should feel like they belong to part of the same collection. Once you’ve landed on a clear collection, assemble it into a hand coded website.


  • Try to think past the obvious associations with the year and think about how your collection offers a different perspective that only you have to offer.
  • Consider formal qualities and techniques that can help unify the imagery (color, photographic treatment, size, crop, content)
  • How should the images be organized on the website? How does the impact change when you can see the entire collection right away vs. one at a time?
  • Do your images speak for themselves or do they need additional content? Consider adding captions and a title for additional context.


  • HTML and CSS website
  • 10 images that you’ve either created or modified on your own.

Learning Goals

  • Develop a narrative through images
  • Consider what makes images from various sources feel unified
  • Think through website organization
  • Familiarize ourselves with HTML and CSS

Suggested Reading

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