Art of the Web (DSGN 234)

Week 5


Wednesday, In Class

  • Zoom link
  • Today’s Notes
  • Sarah M. presents 2020 Project (1r: Selina, N: Victoria)
  • Coding from Life demo and workshop. Coding from Life is due at the end of class.
  • Receive programming help and comments on your 2020 projects.


  • Read through Fan Page
  • Brainstorm three different ideas for the focus of your fan page (Example: Martians, Taylor Swift, Jello). For each idea, write two short paragraphs – the first will describe the person/object in as much descriptive language as possible but not include any opinions. The second will explain your interst in this person/thing and why they deserve a fan page. For each of your three ideas, also include 5-10 images that communicate the idea. These items can be saved in an channel or a shareable document of your choice.

Monday, In Class


  • Take a break!
  • We’ll introduce the fanpage project soon. You can start brainstorming ideas and collecting research in an channel.